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Q. What is renewable energy.

A. This energy is generated  from the natural resources .The renewable energy  is generally sun, wind, rain, tides, geothermal, biomass .

Q. What is hydro electrical power plant?
A. It the plant which convert kinetic energy of water with high head to electrical energy. It is the one of the form of renewal energy. There are two types of turbine is used in hydro power plant as,
1. Impulse turbine-This turbine are used for high head of water. The entire pressure of water is converted into kinetic energy in a nozzle. The example of this type of turbine is pelton wheel fitted with elliptical buckets. The force of water striking to the bucket which drives the turbine.
2. Reaction turbine- This turbine is used in low and medium heads with large quantity of water. In this turbine water enter partly with pressure energy and partly with velocity energy. Here two types of turbine are generally used (i) Francis turbine (ii) Kaplan turbine. The francis turbine consists of an outer ring of stationary guide blades fixed to turbine casing and inner ring of rotating blade. Both pressure and velocity of water is reduced in this type of turbine.

Q. How the solar cell works.

A. Solar cells or (P V) photovoltaic cells which convert the light energy of sun into directly electrical energy. It is one of the best renewal energy available in the world.

Working of solar cell- The working principle of a solar cell same as principle of P-N junction silicon diode .The cell consists of a semiconductor device of P-N junction. Silicon is used for solar cell material. Here are generally two junctions of P-N .One is high concentration of holes known as P- type and another is high concentration of electron known as N- type material. Sun light consists of plenty of photons .When the sun light falls on the P-N junction, due to excess of electron in N- type it try to diffuse with holes of P-type where as excess holes from P-type try to diffuse with electron of N-type. Due to exchange of electron and holes across the junction current flows through the junction .The dc EMF are generated with P-terminal is known as positive and N-terminal is known as negative. The EMF generated is depending upon the intensity of sun light. No of cells are connect in series to form a string and several strings are connect in parallel to form a module and several modules are connect in parallel to collect final electricity. The power generation depend on the number of cells connect.

The website www.mnre.gov.in give complete details of update news of renewable energy .