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Introduction:-The interview is the interaction or conversation in between interviewer and interviewee. The main aim of the interviewee is to convince the recruiter about the skills,knowledge & experience for that particular job.You have to convince the recruiter that you fit for that organization.

Steps for interview preparation.

STEP 1:-keep updated knowledge about the organization-Visit the organization about the whole business of the organization.Know about the organization mission, aim and types of product they are conducting in their business. you should ready to talk about the brief description about that organization.You can also ask current employees of that company about the company policy and structure.

STEP 2 :-Compare your skills and knowledge about the applied job- Prepare yourself as per your description in resume,generally the interviewer target to ask questions about the experience and qualification mentioned in the resume.Identify what the organization wants from you.

STEP 3 :-Maintain clean and simplicity- The interviewer always observe the neatness and the dress code of the interviewee which reflects about the personality of the person.Try to wear casual and formal  clothes with light colors.

STEP 4:-Prepare for good positive response - Try to hear the questions attentively and answer all questions politely and simply.Try to express your answer with example. Don't argue or confused the interviewer that is the most negative point of an interview.Sit straight,smile and try to keep eye contact with the interviewer.

STEP 5:-Keep  always in mind that interviewers maximum question will be on your current job practice so keep update on your current job.

STEP 6 :-Thank him for spare his time after the interview is over.​​

Most common asked questions in interview.

1. Tell about yourself.

2. What are your strengths.

3. What are your weakness.

4. Describe about your job experience.

5. What is your hobby.

6. Why you want to leave your present organization.

6. Are you want to relocate.

7. What are the emergency you have handle.

8. What is the turnover of your current organization.

9. How can you prove more efficient than others.

10. Tell about your experience handled in critical situation.

11. What are your achievements.

12. Why should i hire you.

13. What is your current and expected salary.

14. What is your notice period.